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Loss Adjusting

Our loss adjusting expertise includes:

  • Energy – onshore and offshore oil and gas, upstream and downstream
  • Utilities – power, water, telecommunications and gas supply
  • Mining – deep and open cast
  • Engineering – construction and machinery breakdown
  • Marine – hull, machinery and specialised heavy cargo, super yachts
  • Environmental – especially pollution related issues
  • Renewables – wind, solar and geothermal

Within these areas, our integrated adjustment service covers all insurance aspects, whether a major incident involving property damage and business interruption, or an environmental catastrophe producing multiple third party claims. We are adept at achieving solutions to complex and sensitive claims situations and the challenges presented by new developments and technologies.

Our experience and expertise enables us to manage your entire claim process through to a successful resolution. Our professionals are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, geology and marine, and they work in tandem with our in-house accounting, contracts and insurance specialists. Added to their technical qualifications, our loss adjusters have in-depth insurance knowledge of our specialised markets. When we select the best team to suit your claim, we take into account not only technical considerations but also geography, culture and language.

For major projects, at the insurance placement stage, we provide bespoke procedures and protocols to facilitate the claims process.

Temsah Platform - Mediterranean Sea, offshore Egypt.

A blowout during drilling operations caused a significant fire, spreading to other wells and ultimately destroying an entire production facility. The incident brought claims from more than one partner, for property damage, costs of controlling several wells, making safe and re-drilling all wells and pollution clean-up..The claims spanned two policy years and various layers of insurance coverage. MatthewsDaniel established an accurate reserve, swiftly identified and resolved all issues, adjusted regular interim claims and delivered a successful outcome for all parties.

Refinery fire - Priolo, Sicily

A significant refinery fire caused little physical damage to the insured’s adjacent petrochemical plant. However, the feedstock for the insured’s plant came from the refinery and the fire caused a total interruption to supply. In addition to a claim on their contingent business interruption insurance, there was clear potential for recovery from the party responsible for the fire. In these cases, causation and quantum investigations need to be precise and fully supported, enabling the claim to be promptly settled and setting the stage for subrogation.