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Risk Reduction Tools

Read here about our software, procedures and other risk reduction tools, particularly for risk relating to mobile offshore drilling units.

Program PRELOAD©

A jack-up rig punch-through can be terrifying and deadly. Offshore Rig Newsletter describes vividly "the rig lurching out of control, loose gear crashing across decks, steel tortured beyond endurance...ear-splitting screeches and explosive bangs... and the alarming order to abandon what moments before had been a solid, safe habitat".
To help the offshore oil and gas industry better understand and evaluate the risk of punch-through, we created Program PRELOAD©and have continued to develop this risk reduction tool over the last 20 years.  Our newest version will run on any computer, regardless of the operating system. The software is used during preloading, the most critical phase of going on location, to provide information in real-time to help the rig-mover site the unit safely.  Rig-specific for each class of rig, Program PRELOAD© uses the 3-dimensional model of each unit together with its preload tank soundings to tailor the experience. 


Our training courses provide real-time simulation of rig preloading and punch-through scenarios, offering a unique opportunity for training rig movers and other offshore oil and gas personnel. Using our 'Virtual Preloading Simulator' partipants can replicate fully the activities of going on location, jacking-up to minimum air gap and starting the preload process. We can model specific rigs and apply differing scenarios for environmental conditions such as subsea soil and weather. This dynamic combination allows you to simulate the preloading of a rig going on to a specific location, as well as providing generic training in preloading jack-ups.


MODUSA is our audit programme, providing a worldwide safety standard for mobile offshore drilling units. It is designed to ensure the risk you are assuming meets industry standards. Modusa facilitates analysis of the physical condition of a unit and assesses the current operational policies and procedures. It then presents options for reducing risk and for third party verification of minimum safety standards during the critical phases of moving and siting.


Safetrans is one of the key systems we use for assessing and developing appropriate weather routing and criteria for ocean tows, heavy lift operations and installations of major facilities. Using computerised analysis methods, databases, and hydrodynamics, Safetrans is an integrated design tool ccovering all types of marine transportations, tow-outs and installations. It also provides guidance for critical operations such as pipe-laying, platform removal and drilling.


AMC exclusively provides us with software for site assessment of mobile drilling units in accordance with SNAME 5.5A and the newly proposed ISO-19905.