Exposure. Managed.

Risk Surveys and Valuations

Each risk assessment survey is different, and for each assignment we agree with you the scope of work, which can be for a single facility or an entire asset. We generally provide these services for proposed or existing insurance arrangements, offering participants to the insurance contract a realistic and clearly communicated view of the assets at risk. Our work can include:

  • A physical risk survey to identify assets and their exposure to natural and man-made risks, along with recommendations for improvement
  • Analysing the condition of facilities and the effectiveness of maintenance programmes
  • Developing and calculating Estimated, Probable or Possible Maximum Loss (EML/PML) scenarios
  • Analysing business interruption exposure
  • Assessing the values at risk by desktop research and attendance on site, where needed. We often combine a valuation with a full risk assessment survey to produce a thorough understanding of the risk to be underwritten

Our expertise covers a broad range of onshore and offshore oil and gas installations, plus industrial and commercial assets. Our portfolio is diverse: geothermal facilities in New Zealand, a power plant in Iraq, oilfields in Angola, pipelines in Mexico and commercial property in Russia, as well as gold and diamond mines, dams and major civil engineering projects..

Loss control survey of thermal power station, Iraq

In January 2012, MatthewsDaniel undertook the first in a series of loss control surveys on the construction of a new 4 x 330MW oil fired thermal power station near Al Zubaydiah in the Wasit Province of Iraq, 120 kilometres southeast of Baghdad. The project is due to continue until July, 2015, and includes a second phase with a further set of 4 x 330MW generator units.