Offshore Technology Conference, Houston.


Offshore Technology Conference, Houston.

May. 6 2019

We are excited to attend the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) with the world’s leading energy professionals in Houston, TX. The conference is in its 50th year (so established nearly 10 years after MatthewsDaniel!) and is looking towards the resurgence of offshore E&P. industry.

Attending are our experts from the Americas, Miguel Hernández, David Menzies, Brad Duncanson, and Adriana Pardo, who were joined by Gary Mawditt and David Cox from Europe.

David Cox said, “OTC is great event for the industry to share the latest technology, experience and insight. Having presented a paper at OTC 15 years ago, it is interesting time to reflect on how the industry has changed over this time and the energy that now exist for really addressing complex challenges of the future, and the role oil and gas will play in this.