Procedures. Verified.

Marine Warranty

We are one of the world's leading providers of marine warranty surveys and engineering reviews, essential components in reducing the risk of loss or damage in three key areas:

  • Mobile offshore drilling units, including location approvals, wet and dry tows and field moves
  • Construction projects, including reviews of planning, design and execution of critical operations
  • Marine operations such as ocean tows, heavy lift projects, cargo stowage, and modelling and analysis of other marine operations

In every case, you will benefit from a consistently well-researched, quality-assured approach, using our considerable expertise and experience to identify risk and advise on measures to mitigate and minimise it. To provide operators and contractors with independent verification of procedures, we review technical documentation and undertake on-site inspections. We take pride in offering the highest technical standards of work, and that we communicate our findings and recommendations effectively.

Murphy Oil & Gas Kikeh DTU Spar project, offshore Brunei, Malaysia

As MWS for the installation of the first Truss Spar installed outside the Gulf of Mexico, MatthewsDaniel were seen as bringing extensive relevant experience to a new area for such operations. The work included attendance during installation of ten mooring anchor piles, the 'ball grab' technology for connecting the mooring wires to the mooring anchor piles and subsequently the spar hull, as well as for the soft ballasting, upending of the spar hull and installation of ballasting into the spar hull. We also attended the loadout of the spar hull and tow-out to location, and the float-over, by a catamaran barge configuration, of the production deck onto the spar hull.

PDVSA Corocoro Project, Gulf of Paria, Venezuela

Typical of the type of assignment we conduct regularly, MatthewsDaniel was appointed MWS for the loadout, tow approval and installation of a central production facility (CPF) platform module and an inter-connection bridge. The installation of the CPF module was by grounded barge float-over method followed by jacking down of the module onto the foundation support piles. All recommendations produced by MatthewsDaniel were clearly communicated and explained and the project was successfully completed.