With experience of the complexities of both open pit and underground mining activities around the
world, our mining adjusting team are ready to support you. From surface equipment failure to
complex geotechnical problems, the already complex physical damage aspects may give rise to wide
reaching business interruption and liability claims. Weather related claims are a frequent occurrence
in many major mining countries and our in-house weather experts are there to provide assistance in
quickly resolving these claims.

The nature of modern mining creates unique claims challenges including those arising from:

  • Extraction and transportation equipment.
  • Flooding events.
  • Slope and Pit Wall instability / failures.
  • Upstream, centreline and downstream tailings dams.
  • Processing plant and refineries

Business Interruption

Business interruption may be a major part of any claim associated with mining operations. Our
experience allows us to understand both your mining operations, the processing, and the measures
required to restore output after an incident. We are acutely aware of market sensitives to supply
interruptions and so our discretion is assured, whilst maintaining the flow of timely and accurate
information to insurance stakeholders.